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Jackie Asiimwe is proud to be among the founders of WOPI Boston International. "We started as a humble organization but with a strong belief and conviction that God would see us through as we open our doors and hearts to the marginalized immigrant families, and those in need of a helping hand. I am proud to be associated with Women of Purpose which has been true to it’s conviction, being there for those in need. We will work to support the cause of WOPI Boston International as long as we still have a chance to do so. Let’s come together in prayer as we support Women of purpose. God bless you."
Jackie Asiimwe.


May Bukenya has been married for 20 years with six children. She is a born again Christian, Worshiper and band-leader at Redeemed church for 10 years and served as Chief Protocol Officer at Bethel Freedom Tabernacle Church for 5 years. May Women of Purpose (WOPI Boston International) in 2020, serving as Protocol Officer.


Solomon Byaruhanga is a motivator, supporter, who has and still is working alongside various charities, N.G.Os supporting HIV positive families, Children projects in Uganda (coordinating various projects and programs including feeding, clothing, education.) He has been a part of life changing successful adoption stories of 8 less privileged children to U.S.A of which, all of which are adults now, and one in active service. As a member of WOPI family, Solomon joined us in 2018 and is recognized as a Counselor who also helps in implementing new programs to support the strategic planning and direction of the organization. He is an Author with his first upcoming book “LOOKING BACK MOVING FORWARD “ (which will be in stores at the beginning of 2021), a Public Speaker and a former Youth Minister.

JONES, Stella

Rev. Stella Jones is mother to twin daughters Amini and Imani. She is a spiritual mother to many, a mentor and encourager. Stella is a member of the executive counsel of LOCASHA C.O.G. and is one of the Founders of the COMBAT Movement of Prayer which brings children of God together as a new army of intercessors for the community and the World at large.
Rev. Stella Jones is also an active member of W.O.P.I ( Women Of Purpose International) since 2014 as a Project Coordinator.
Stella has overcome a lot, and she is now a minister of the Gospel, passionate about bringing about deliverance to God's people. Stella Jones is a Woman of God and the author of the new book, coming soon, called 'THE ROAR WITHIN ' an inspirational book drawn out of the wealth gained from experiences of trying times in her life.


Allan Katimbo is married with Children. I’m a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Allan has played the roles of Chief Advisor & Counsel for WOPI Boston since 2017.

KATIMBO, Barbara W.

Barbara W. Katimbo. is married with children.She is a prayer warrior and preacher of the Word and of the Gospel. She's been the Project Director, WOPI Boston International, since 2017.

KIBIRA, Judith M.

Judith M Kibira is a prayer warrior, mother, motivator and a Minister of the Gospel, reaches out to less privileged families mostly in Luwero district (Uganda) to children affected with cancer, pregnant women. Judith is also a Street Evangelist, reaching out to the weary and homeless in ma joined WOPI-Boston in 2017.

LUBOGO, MabelSarah

Mabel Sarah Lubogo is a Nurse, a Prayer Warrior and Preacher of the Word of God. She has been serving with WOPI Boston Intl. as Organizing Director since the first day of WOPl Boston's launch in 2008.
Mabel Sarah is also a Minister at Fireplace Church, Waltham MA. She is also the Director of 'Foundation Africa Street Women in Extreme Poverty'. Also a member of the 'Faithful Stewardship Group' at Christ Heart church headed by Bishop Isaiah Mbuga.


Bryan Setyabule Makonzi is a married father of four handsome boys. He is a Worshiper, Singer and a Piano Specialist. He is a Coordinator and the Chief Hospitality officer at WOPI Boston International where he has been serving with WOPI Boston since 2010.


Susan S. Makonzi is a married mother of four handsome boys. She is a worshiper and a preacher of the Word of God. Susan has been serving with WOPI Boston International since 2010, and currently serves Counselor at WOPI Boston.

MUKASA, Flavia

Flavia Mukasa is married with three beautiful girls.
She has been the Assistant Treasurer and Director of 'Marrieds' at WOPI Boston International since 2008.

MUKASA, Vincent

Vincent Mukama is married with three beautiful girls. He has been the Director of Human Resources WOPI Boston International since 2008.

NAIGAGA, Blessing T.

Blessing Naigaga is a Minister of God, a Chaplain, and a mother. She ministers in Music and the Gospel in general, cares to guide young people through the challenges of change and transformation. She loves supporting different ministries and making life in ministry easier for others whenever she can. Blessing has been with WOPI Boston Intl. since 2017.


Phiona Nankinga is the Secretary for WOPI Boston International, Uganda chapter.
She holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.
Phiona is a business woman and has 13 years of experience in the garments business. She has a passion for fashion and beauty.
She is a Pentecostal christian who loves God and serving him.


Judith Nakyegye is a married woman with three children- two handsome boys and one beautiful girl. Judith has been serving with WOPI Boston as a Financial Support Specialist and Counselor since 2008.


Oliver Nalubwama has many children and grandchildren. She is a ‘prayer warrior’ and preacher of the good News. Oliver is the Treasurer, WOPI Boston International, Uganda chapter.

NANTUME, Catherine

As an educator and communication specialist, with over a decade long experience in career guidance for young adults (Harvard University), and women (WOPI Boston International); Catherine Nantume has developed a strong passion and expertise in helping people access and affirming their purpose in life, especially in seasons of transition.
With strong bible based counselling she believes that when women embrace their given roles as outlined in the Word of God, communities not only grow but thrive.

Catherine is currently WOPI East African coordinator. She also speaks, teaches and writes about how ‘Identity in Christ’ is our foundation for discovering our PURPOSE.

She is a mother, sister, daughter and a business woman.

NAYIGA, Rachel

Rachel Nayiga is married with children. She is a prayer warrior and also runs Wopi Boston International’s Sales department. I have been serving with WOPI Boston since 2010.


Jetty Ndiwerezaki is a Ugandan Christian evangelist, author/script writer, fashion stylist, event planner, motivational encourager and a businesswoman. She is a minister in the body of Christ, a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I have served WOPI (Women of Purpose International) for close to 7 years.

Jetty has lived in the United states for about 10 years. She inspires people to get through difficult times in their lives while growing in their faith with God.

NSUMBA, Cephas Daniel

Nsumba Cephas Daniel is married with many children and grandchildren. He is the Assistant Care Team leader and has been serving with WOPI Boston International since 2008.

OWOUR, Esther

Esther Owour is a Prayer Warrior and the Assistant Executive WOPI Boston since 2008.

OWUNDO, Steven

Pastor Steven Owundo is a married father to a handsome boy.
He has been the Director of Music WOPI Boston International since 2013.

Founder| President

Dorothy Ssebakka is the Founder & President, WOPI Boston International.
WOPI-Boston International (incorporated as 'Women of Purpose International' ) was initially formed in 2008, in Waltham, Massachusetts, inspired by Dorothy's calling. Through her wise judgment, Dorothy observed that despite having been empowered in various ways, immigrant women still have a challenge of embracing the (unfamiliar) US development opportunities- opportunities which are needed for these women to positively benefit from their communities by accessing the resources available therein. Dorothy is a Minister, a Preacher, an Evangelist, a Philanthropist, Mentor, an Organizer and a Public Speaker, etc.


Rapheal Ssebakka is a Co-founder of WOPI Boston International. He is also the husband of Dorothy Ssebakka. Mr. Ssebakka is the WOPI Boston's Head of Transportation Team.

SSOZI, Hope Justine

Hope Justine Ssozi is a part of the WOPI Boston International, Uganda Chapter. She is the Coordinator and Project Manager for WOPI Boston Intl. in Uganda.

“When I am not serving with WOPI, you will find me at Najjanankumbi Miracle Centre where I serve as a Children’s Pastor. I love working with young people. My desire is to see young people encounter God and also be equipped, empowered and educated with the gospel. I am also a proud single mom of two and grateful for all the blessings that come with it. I am excited to extend God’s kingdom and love on his people through the WOPI Boston International Ministry.”


“Mr. Ezra Tindyebwa is proud to be associated with WOPI Boston International, an organization started with just one aim: to be there as a support group for immigrant families, and those struggling to find a balanced and caring family as one reaches one with the message of Jesus Christ and his love for mankind in the United States of America and across the globe. As a founding member of WOPI, I must say I am humbled and happy at the same time by what God has enabled us to achieve in these last 10 plus years of our existence. May God bless you all as you render yourselves to serve.”
Ezra is the Treasurer of WOPI Boston, Intl.

WABUDI, Collins Michael

Pastor Wabudi Collins Michael was born in Eastern part Uganda in Busia district. His father and mother never lived together so he has no memory of them as father and mother. At the height of high HIV rate in Uganda his father contracted the virus and died in 1991. His mother was married elsewhere. There were not enough school fees keep him in school regularly. His dream was to become a doctor or a lawyer.

In 2001 he moved to Kampala, which is the capital city of Uganda, and joined up with evangelism ministries where he went with different teams in different parts of the country. On one of the mission trips he met a couple Irvine and Christine Carcary from UK who became like his spiritual parents. This couple helped Michael and in 2006 he joined New Creation Bible School in Nakuru, Kenya for a diploma in Ministry.

In 2007 Michael joined full time ministry joining Harvest Vision Ministry Africa as Assistant Director, charged with heading the outreach missions. He was also the Regional Coordinator for Uganda, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya. Michael became the Youth pastor at Harvest Vision Ministry Church in Kibuli, Kampala, which saw a number of young men aligned to their callings and destiny.

In 2012 Michael moved to United States and joined Victory Family Church in Massachusetts where he served at different levels of leadership. Michael joined Women of Purpose Ministries (WOPI Boston, International) where a Care Team was introduced with his help- a team that went out every Wednesday to visit the sick, to prisons and to evangelize. The team witnessed a lot of physical and spiritual healing. In April 2017, Michael had a vision to move to Georgia for ministry. Michael moved to Georgia at the end of September 2017 to establish a ministry called 'Wellsprings Of New Life Ministries International'.


Catherine Atwogyere Wafula is married, a Worshiper and a Prayer Warrior. She has worked as a counselor with WOPI Boston International since 2008.

WAKULYAKA, Claire Estelle


Reverend Claire Wakulyaka is a licensed minister and woman of God with more than 15 years
of ministerial experience. She currently serves at Green Pastures Church, Worcester MA under
the mentorship and leadership of Pastor Bibiche Zagabe-Ndiku.
She is a practicing board-certified family nurse practitioner, and certified in Massachusetts. Her
background includes experience in primary care, acute care, orthopedics, sports medicine and
correctional medicine.
She has a bachelor of Science in Biotechnology with experience in cancer research, drug
discovery and development.
An Associates of Arts in early Childhood Education with a specialization in Montessori Teaching.
Claire has served with Women of Purpose International, Newton, MA since it’s foundation in
2008 for which she has received recognition within the Uganda Boston Community.
She has served with the local community especially with the Care Team primarily focusing on
the needs of immigrants and homeless communities like Lawrence, MA.
Claire also spends time mentoring, and focusing on the needs of young people as well as
health policy, advocacy and maternal child health.
Recently with the current COVID-19 pandemic she has been on the frontline serving at Boston
Hope Field Hospital set up by Partners Healthcare/Mass General Hospital under Governor
Baker and Mayor Walsh at the Boston Convention Center to treat the influx of COVID-19
patients in the state of Massachusetts.
Claire is an active member of Sigma Thau Theta, the International Honor Society of Nursing

Worcester State University - Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
Regis College - Masters of Science in Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner

She enjoys sleeping, cooking, traveling, writing poetry and reading

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