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“Woman it’s your time to arise…” 

It’s the Lord who gives victory through those who are willing to follow His Lead. 

Judges 5:7 


WOPI-Boston International has been at the forefront of empowering immigrant women and families as they settle in their new homes in America. We strive to eliminate domestic violence, discrimination, and harassment in workplaces, schools, and other sectors of society. 


Meet the team


Dorothy Ssebakka

Founder & CEO

Rev. Stella Jones WOPI .jpg

Rev. Stella Jones

Project Coordinator

Vincent Mukama WOPI .jpg

Vincent Mukasa

Director of HR

Marble Surface_edited.jpg

Assoc. WOPI Boston Int'l

We started as a humble organization but with a strong belief and conviction that God would see us through as we open our doors and hearts to the marginalized immigrant families, and those in need of a helping hand. I am proud to be associated with Women of Purpose which has been true to its conviction, of being there for those in need. We will work to support the cause of WOPI Boston International as long as we still have a chance to do so. Let’s come together in prayer as we support Women of purpose. God bless you.

Ezra Tindyebwa WOPI .jpg

Treasurer WOPI Boston Int'l

Mr. Ezra Tindyebwa is proud to be associated with WOPI Boston International, an organization started with just one aim: to be there as a support group for immigrant families, and those struggling to find a balanced and caring family as one reaches one with the message of Jesus Christ and his love for mankind in the United States of America and across the globe...May God bless you all as you render yourselves to serve.

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