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WOPI-BOSTON's Uganda Lockdown COVID Drive Feeding Program 2021

Uganda is under lockdown due to the corona virus pandemic surge. We, at WOPI, are doing the best we can to support individuals, families and communities with essential nutrition and other items. Will join us in this effort?

Most families and individuals in Uganda depend on their daily income to survive and for many there's little or nothing left for savings. When a pandemic like this hits such vulnerable people, their plight is left to fate. Uganda is under lockdown and that means most people who depend on daily income for a meal are starving and having to go for days without the essentials for basic survival.

WOPI-BOSTON INTERNATIONAL volunteers in Uganda unloading and storing food items before their distribution to families and individuals struggling through the lockdown.

WOPI-Boston International is pitching in, thanks to partners making all these efforts possible. These partners are individuals who are sacrificing a little bit of what they have to share with others with nothing. We would like to thank everyone who has supported this cause and those who are planning to come on board with us to continue this project.

WOPI-BOSTON Volunteers In Action

Some of the images and videos capturing what is happening with this

Uganda Lock down COVID Drive Feeding Program.

We are looking forward to you joining hands with us.

Thank you!


WOPI-Boston is a 501c3 organization/ corporation.


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