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Fear and doubt are poisonous to the creation of good luck

Everyone realizes there are two kinds of luck: good and bad. The ancient Greeks had a lovely way of personifying the duality of luck with a two entity system of Tykhe and Nemesis. Tykhe representing the better side of luck and Nemesis, who was her counterbalance, the side of retribution, often as punishment for hubris. We often welcome the work of Tykhe, but do not appreciate it when Nemesis raises her head. It acknowledges the balance in the universe and the way that things do not only swing in one direction. The ancient Greeks had a very intricate and poetic way of conceptualizing the invisible world. However, the thing I do not like about this particular pair of characters for viewing luck, is it removes all human agency from the equation. It sees luck as something that is done to you not as something that you can also generate for yourself. Even things that seem to happen out of nowhere often are precipitated by actions we took in the past.

Granted, there are times where we truly are victims or benefactors of happenstance. But there are also many times where we make our own luck. We may not even realize we are doing it at the time.

Sometimes making your own luck is as simple as being open to the messages the Universe is sending out to you. I personally believe that when an opportunity lands in your lap, that is a sign from above that you should take it and run with it. I have had many wonderful things happen in my life by adhering to this philosophy. Part of it was fate, yes, but part of it was me accepting and going along with new adventures and challenges. Often in spite of fears and anxieties that I might not be able to do what I was setting out to try and accomplish. Letting fear and self doubt hold you back can actually impede luck from entering your life because you do not leave yourself open to new experiences and opportunities. One of the most important things I have learned is that to make luck you have to be out there, interacting. Luck does not come hunt you down in your living room very often. It finds you when you are out, seeking engagement and connecting with the world.

Fear and doubt are poisonous to the creation of good luck. Think of it as the parable in Matthew about faith where the seeds end up on the soil with the thorns. Imagine the seeds as luck and the thorny plants as fear and doubt. Fear and doubt choke the luck that tries to grow amongst it. To truly have luck blossom we need hope, openness to experience, a willingness to put ourselves out there and try. Fertile soil in which the seeds of luck can grow helps as well. All of those things are things we can control and are ways we can prepare ourselves to welcome luck into our lives should we be blessed with it. Instead of totally being passive passengers waiting for luck to fall into our laps, prepare your fields. Pull out the thorns of fear and doubt, and fertilize your soil so that it will be rich to make the luck grow,


Juile Morse

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