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Be a Changemaker and Volunteer!

A mental health crisis might not be mental issue until someone is seen medically to rule out some problems like low blood sugar, low blood sugar, UTI, etc..

We are Looking for 6 Volunteers to travel with us on a medical and mental health clinic trip to Uganda 2nd week of January 2024

If you are interested reach out to us here!

If cant join us in Uganda, don't worry you can still help!

We also need Donations for the community center clinic.

These are some of the items needed .

  1. Thermometers

  2. Blood glucose kits

  3. Blood pressure machines

  4. Stethoscopes

  5. Gloves Sterile (Assorted sizes)

  6. Gloves, Non-Sterile (Exam) (Assorted sizes)

  7. Brace and/ Or Splint

  8. Towel cloth

  9. Chux

  10. Tape, Assorted sizes, and types

  11. Surface sanitizers

  12. Hand Sanitizing wipes/solutions

  13. Skin Prep kit: sponges, solutions

  14. Dressing change

  15. OTC medications such as Tylenol Advil, Vitamins, Colace

  16. Clothes for kids both girls & boys

  17. Computers /Tablets

  18. Reading Books

  19. Sanitary pads

  20. Pencils.

  21. Pens,

  22. Coloring pencils

  23. Geometry sets

  24. Rulers

  25. School bags (Back bags for books)

  26. Socks

  27. Shoes

  28. Canvas /snickers

  29. Batteries different sizes

  30. Touches all sizes

  31. Cups /plates / plastics that can be reusable

  32. underwear’s both girls and boys

  33. small refrigerators

  34. Towels

  35. Colgate

  36. Soaps

Thank you for reading!

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