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WOPI-Boston International (incorporated as 'Women of Purpose International' ) was initially formed in 2008 following an inspired calling in Waltham, Massachusetts by Dorothy Ssebakka. Through her wise judgment, Dorothy observed that despite having been empowered in various ways, immigrant women still have a challenge of embracing the (unfamiliar) US development opportunities- opportunities which are needed for these women to positively benefit from their communities by accessing the resources available therein. 

WOPI-Boston International founded the 'care team' in 2013 specifically with the role of feeding the homeless, offering grief counseling, visiting the sick, and the incarcerated, not just with physical substance, but the spiritual food of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

WOPI-Boston International organizes conferences for spiritual awakening and community development for all denominations.


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What we DO:

WOPI-Boston International has been at the forefront of empowering immigrant women and families as they settle in their new homes in America. We strive to eliminate domestic violence, discrimination and harassment in work places, schools and other sectors of society. We also promote secure health families, birth control and reproductive rights for women.

1. Forums: WOPI-Boston International organizes forums for a cultural spectrum of women; to share ideas, grow their self-confidence and finally help them achieve their dreams. The annual conference is held at the summer’s end. There are also the quarterly retreats and seminars on top of the weekly prayer and non – denominational lunch time meets.

2. Consultancy and Counseling: We hold the hopes and dreams of countless immigrant women. Combined with very close nit relationships with networks, we counsel and provide consultancy to women providing skills to soar to the skies.

3. Projects and Publications:  On top of publishing a newsletter and magazines with materials custom-made for immigrant women and their families, we also provide health related and project based services to communities of at risk women and their families. Some of these projects include campaigns for behavioral change in terms of health.

4. Civic Education: 

WOPI Boston works with new/recent immigrants into the United States (USA) to help them integrate into their new communities. WOPI Boston offers this directly and  via collaborations with other community based agencies dedicated to the same goal.

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The Team Behind the Mission

The WOPI Boston Intl. has a contingent of skilled, caring, dedicated and spiritually motivated individuals who have committed their service to the organization in many different ways.
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